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APRIL FOOLS MENU - seriousLY april !
from MARCH 30 TO APRIL 30, 2023


One good shot deserves another (well, two more actually)

1st shot: green peas, mint , yoghurt

2nd shot: beetroot, strawberry, rosemary 

3rd shot: mushrooms, new garlic, cream


I couldn't resist going back to the kitchen and making this menu.


This is my favorite time of year:

the return of spring!

Gnocchi with peas, bear's garlic and 
parmesan cream sauce
 garnished with the pea spouts, and nasturtium leaves, both harvested in Paris 20th district  by Paysan Urbain: almost zero CO2 created using these.

Here it is, your April Fool's Day Fish accompanied by everything April.

Local Trout on a  presented on a mousseline of peas, as welll as twice cooked charlotte potatoes  garnished with button mushrooms and fresh tarragon. 

the dessert that makes "wow" in your mouth: I promise! 

Strawberry rhubarb crumble 
served with ice cream
infused with
fresh ginger and 
pieces of candied ginger !

hot drink included

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