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Summer is coming ! 

with LINDA and her menu 
Tunesian fused with SPAIN

and elissa and her


Linda'S menu


Igrew up in the suburbs of Paris in a family of Tunisian and Spanish origin in which cooking plays a big role.

The dishes that marked my childhood are numerous: arroz al horno, mloukhiya, fideuà, marka jelbana or tortilla de patatas, I was lucky to grow up with dishes rich in varied flavors.

First starter: Brik with egg, potato with herbs, pine nuts

©photo Olivier NIZET

©photo Olivier NIZET

©photo Olivier NIZET

Morigins bring together two parts of the Mediterranean, which despite their differences, share many points in common.


The essence of Tunisian and Spanish cuisine resides on similar pillars: olive oil, fish and seafood, sun-kissed fruits and vegetables!

2nd starter: Pincho moruno (marinated chicken skewer), mashed white beans, 

mojo verde sauce, cashews

©photo Olivier NIZET


©photo Olivier NIZET

when I finished my studies in communication, the desire to dedicate myself to cooking only grew and I therefore decided to devote myself completely to it in 2019.

have always loved to eat, however my love for cooking really developed in adulthood when I took a liking to learning new techniques and recipes.

©photo Olivier NIZET

©photo Olivier NIZET

Dessert: Basboussa, mascarpone cream, rhubarb, almond, candied kumquat

1st Starter

Brik with egg, potato with herbs, pine nuts


2nd Starter*

marinated zucchini/eggplant salsa verde Lemon Cashew Ricotta


Main course *

2x Pincho moruno (marinated chicken skewer), white bean purée, mojo verde sauce, cashew nuts


Basboussa, mascarpone cream, rhubarb, almond, candied kumquat

hot drink included.

50€ tax incl.

* there is also a vegetarian version 

©photo Olivier NIZET


©photo Olivier NIZET

©photo Olivier NIZET

 grew up in suburban Washington DC, where both my parents worked, and dinner was not exactly a foodie culinary affair. 

  We ate a lot of hamburgers, between slices of bread. I remember making mayonnaise sandwiches and scrambled lots of eggs!! 

©photo Olivier NIZET

First starter : Celery soup with corn salsa

and crab,  sesame oil

©photo Olivier NIZET

©photo Olivier NIZET

 There was no spice rack at home and the “iceberg” lettuce was considered exotic. If I think about what “Mid-Atlantic” cuisine is, it boils down to what I knew in my youth! 

  I had a career as a television journalist. I traveled the world for my job, eating goat around Dubrovnik, mangoes in Nairobi and a maqluba in Jordan, with cardamom that I still remember. Then, when I moved back to Washington DC and had two daughters, I finally taught myself not only to cook, but also to appreciate the cuisine of the region where I lived.

©photo Olivier NIZET

2nd Starter: Roasted cherries with mozzarella,

pecans, pickled onions

©photo Olivier NIZET

 Covering the states between New York and Virginia, “Mid-Atlantic” means crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, beautiful tomatoes and corn from New Jersey, apples and stone fruits from Virginia and cheese made by farmers Pennsylvania Mennonites.


The influence of various migrating waves can be found in the kitchen. I started reading cookbooks in my spare time, saw myself going to three different local farmers markets on Saturday mornings to find out exactly what I was looking for to make soups and salads for delicious potluck meals, relaxed for my neighbors. 

Plat princ!pal : Filet de bar, salsa aux olives et citron, riz sauvage avec champignons et fèves

©photo Olivier NIZET

Dinners went from my family of four, to groups of ten friends, up to twenty for parties. I think what keeps people coming back for dinner is keeping it casual, paying attention to detail, and cooking without hesitation on butter!


A happy table is more than food, it's also togetherness - some of the best conversations I remember date back decades between bites of mayonnaise sandwiches with my brothers - but a truly delicious meal is not never disappoints and enchants participants. I also wish to enchant you during my residency at For the Love of Food Paris. 

©photo Olivier NIZET

1st starter*

Celeriac soup with corn salsa

and cake, sesame oil

2nd starter

Roasted cherries with mozzarella,

pecans, vinegar onions


Bass fillet, olive and lemon salsa,

wild rice with mushrooms and broad beans


Almond cake with raspberries

and apricots, fresh cream

hot beverage

50€ tax incl.

* also a vegetarian version 

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