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COMMITMENT 1: no waste

Since September 2019, despite the hacking of booking systems and COVID-related shutdowns, we have largely delivered on our No Waste commitment.


But no waste is possible only whenyou and usslet's work together. ​

Since our last restart in September 2022, the number of last-minute cancellations of reservations where customers simply do not show up (no show) represented up to 50% of covers for a service, which makes inventory management ( among other things) more and more complicated.

The only solution we could find was to request a bank imprint of your card. It's a small commitment from your side that guarantees that we make our purchases and prepare our dishes on the basis of "real" reservations.


Knowing that we haven't had any illegitimate cancellations since we implemented the new booking system, so it works great and no one has been charged.


Thank you for your understanding and your help in achieving our first commitment: No Waste!

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