A touch of the tropics
from January 6 to February 7



23 €  

starter + main


main course + dessert

€ 27  

Starter + main course

+  dessert


€ 44  

2 Starters

+ main +  dessert

+ hot drink



Chef Suzanne shares the tropical side of France

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Paule-Odile BEKE

Passionate about good food and travel, chef Paule-Odile Béké evolved from a very young age in a world where cooking was omnipresent - with a chef father who worked with Paul Bocuse.


With this environment and a varied culture, due to her Franco-Ivorian origins and the various countries in which she lived, she trained over the years in plural cuisines in several establishments including starred ones in France and the UK. . She decides to make African gastronomy, little known to the Western public, her spearhead.


By combining the finesse of French cuisine with the nobility of sub-Saharan African cuisine, chef Paule-Odile gives his creations a contemporary and light touch. His favorite quote: "Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness", shows that culinary art has no borders and can reinvent itself to generate well-being wherever it is found. This is the commitment she makes each time she enters your home: to provide you and your loved ones with happiness over a meal.

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Entrance 1 

Crème brûlée with baobab & seasonal mushrooms - Ghanaian brioche toast  


Entrance 2

Wagashi like a smoked burrata with kablai, grilled seasonal vegetables, crispy okra- Bissap vinaigrette  


Main course

- Candied butcher’s piece in a suya crust - Fonio thiéboudiène and its tamarind-glazed vegetables



The Douceurs D'ivoire signature dêguai 


Chief Din Gabriel


I started cooking at the age of 17 inspired by my aunt who is a very good cook and I always wanted to eat well.  


For 15 years now, I have been developing my culinary skills through private dinners and as a treat for private parties or on catamaran trips visiting the islands of the Seychelles.  


For the Love of Food gave me a great opportunity to discover another culture and to exchange with other chefs in order to continue to learn and develop new techniques and culinary ideas.  


Come and discover Seychellois Creole cuisine; a blend of India, Africa and Europe, using fresh local ingredients from the islands and the ocean.  

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The Seychelles are made up of more than 100 islands stretching over more than 1000 kilometres.


The island of Mahé is home to the capital, Victoria, and the international airport.  

80% of the Seychellois population (a total of 90 thousand only) lives on Mahé. 

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The menu

Entrance 1

Smoked fish salad with coconut sauce and

with cinnamon

Entrance 2

Fillet of fish stuffed with mango pickle... serve with tamarind sauce

(evening only)

Main course

Fried octopus curry and sweet potato and rice with papaya chutney.


Banana rum and coconut pudding with banana nougat.


almafi coast

Chef Laetiticia Benheim

from February 19 to 20


coPAcabana and

rebecca lockwood

from February 24 to 27





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