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A touch of the tropics
from January 6 to February 7


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23 €  

starter + main


main course + dessert

€ 27  

Starter + main course

+  dessert


€ 44  

2 Starters

+ main +  dessert

+ hot drink

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Chef Suzanne shares the tropical side of France

The menu

Entry 1: Avocado Feroce

Entry 2:
   accras Bouboune way
only in the evening

Main course: Chicken Columbo

Dessert: Pineapple Tarte Tatin 


Suzanne Bouboune

I am passionate about cooking ´I wanted to do my job at the age of 9, I worked in traditional, brasserie and caterer.  My strong point I like giving myself in my work and I like the contact with the others.

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Soyarakzh from Algeria

Daughter of a villager from Bejaïa, in Kabylia, I was born and I grew up in Algiers rocked  by the songs and intoxicated by the delicious Berber dishes of my mother.

Arrived at the age of 19 in France, I reproduced the dishes inspired by my childhood for my  Family, my friends, the neighborhood, in order to transmit and share my culture and  traditions.


A longtime housewife, I have always wanted to integrate and evolve in the world  culinary in order to allow as many people as possible to discover my passion, my region.


In 2017 my  dream becomes reality thanks to the meeting of the founders of a new startup: Meet My  Mama. It was the start of a great adventure that allowed me to rub shoulders with the older children and  make travel time for a meal, a workshop, lovers of good cuisine  traditional Berber.


The menu

Entrance 1

Cream of split peas soup

with cocas

Entrance 2

Bourek Kamroun  

mushroom shrimp  

(only in the evening)

Main course

Lamb tagine, seasonal fruits  


Almond cigars

saffron cream

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Cameroon is waiting for you!

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As far back as I can remember, I have always cooked and loved to do so. First for my family, then for family friends and friends.


This is where my passion for cooking was born. 
Being born in Cameroon, I cooked typical dishes from our region. In a perpetual quest for learning, I learned different cooking techniques thanks to my great-grandmother and the aunts with whom I lived.


Arrived in France, and after finishing my studies, I had the ambition to devote myself entirely to my passion with the desire to associate these cultures.


Veganism appeared in my life much later and I was won over by this diet. So I set myself the challenge of helping a greater number of people discover tasty, family cuisine that goes back to my origins; an elaborate and balanced cuisine that refers to my adopted country while maintaining the codes of veganism. This is how Vegan Food Sweet was born.  

Food Sweet Vegan is how to combine African foods with Western cuisine, all without animal matter. It is about transforming our African products by offering original dishes that adapt to all palates. Dishes that will make you travel to Africa and reconnect you with nature. 


The menu

Entrance 1

Okra broth, macabo chips.

Entrance 2

Aaforyza trio with hibiscus and turmeric  

(only in the evening)

Main course

Mafe sauce, plantain gnocchi


Kribi Beach surprise  

hibiscus moss

Mango tartare 
Cassava shortbread and hibiscus syrup

with chia seeds  

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