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4 ways of living

FTLOF at home !!


Seasonal recipes to share with friends and family, to learn about new cultures. ingredients, scents, histories: a journey that awakens all your senses.



FTLOF has launched Kit-Boxes, a fine selection of products and recipes from chefs to make at home with a video to be there with you "step by step".
“Good, easy to make and covid-free!”
The Box For the Love of Food is a new responsible offer that allows individuals to receive at home a box of specialties made by young talents in gastronomy. Antidote to curfew, this Box offers a world tour of flavors through local products and authentic recipes selected by chefs from all over the world.


Cooking with our chefs via video conference from your home

Looking for new dishes to try but not sure you can master it?

"Any or all of these goals can be achieved through our zoom workshops !!"

- Todd


Are you curious to discover spices and other ingredients little unknown or used in France?

Femme sentant des épices dans une boutiq

Would you like to share a new culinary experience with your family or friends, especially since they are far from you?

Sourire femme d'affaires

Does your business want to bring together team members?


Curious gastronomer, you sometimes forget where your kitchen is located as well as the usefulness of all these utensils there. Well, look no further, we have the solution: FTLOF AT HOME with CHEF (FE).

As soon as health regulations allow, we will offer: FTLOF AT HOME with CHEF (FE). We will be able to offer as an option, the chef at home for all BOXES but of course to allow you a tailor-made meal, our portal will put our CHEFS (FES) at your disposal in order to be able to prepare the menu of your dreams.

You will then be able to cook with the CHEF (FE), workshop style for you and your guests, to share its origins and culture, the history around its dishes with its flavors and ingredients from elsewhere. Otherwise just pining for the upcoming tasting with your friends. FTLOF offers you a total change of scenery for a warm and gourmet evening.

FTLOF AT HOME: Cookbooks and other stuff

for the love of food - the recipe book.j

Expected end of 2021

Soon you will be able to prepare and share the dishes of our chefs from the first season at home. There will be more than 70 recipes that will take you to taste the dishes of 5 continents around the world.


Each chef shares his 4-course menu. Before launching into the recipe, we inform you of the necessary equipment, active time and total time required as well as an indication of the difficulty level of one to three chef hats.

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