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values and our

traditions via cooking

We communicate with our words and with our actions. The choice of prepared dishes, the ingredients used, and the manner of presenting them comes from a transmission of values and know-how of our families and our culture.


Come and discover three countries from three different continents, and taste the dishes which illustrate three examples of values and traditions which each chef has inherited.

For the Love of Food presents its fourth team of chefs who will take you on a journey through Asia, North America and Europe. As always, our chefs are chosen based on their passions, inspirations and talents.


erica paredes

The Philippines a mix of many cultures


thomas avoirte

France: ESTHETHIQUE, "french touch"



CANADA; Comfort healing, sharing


My food is definitely influenced by my roots, which are Filipino, my travels and my environment.


Having lived in Paris for the past 4 years, and coming from a place that has only "sunny" and "rainy" as seasons, being surrounded by so many seasonal ingredients, some of which i only discovered when I moved here, is so exciting for me.

My family life was always centered around food, and " Have you eaten yet?" is actually a standard and accepted greeting in the Philippines.


Comfort is very important to me when it comes to cooking and sharing my food. I like for my dishes to feel like comfort food, like something that illicits happy feelings and memories no matter where you are from, with an element of "something new"

The Philippines has over 7000 islands, 17 regions, 81 provinces and more than 150 languages and dialects spoken! Filipino food is exactly what you would expect from our history as a country- a mix of indigenous, regional, Spanish, Chinese, Malay with a sprinkling of American.


Our food is not traditionally fancy, and meals are normally family style, so a sense of community is very important to me. We want you to not only enjoy the food, but also the company you are with! Although my food is not "traditional," i am hoping to share some of our flavors with everyone, with a french touch as influenced by my adopted home.


Lugaw Français:

Filipino topinambour-ginger  rice porridge- inspired topinambour veloute, oeuf parfait, ginger-scallion sauce, kecap manis ( sweet soy) glaze and crispy roasted mushrooms


Eggplant Kare Kare:

Roasted eggplant steak, miso-peanut sauce, green bean and tofu ( vegan)


Main Course

Pork Belly Adobo:

Pork Belly braised in soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic and rosemary, whipped potato puree, confit fennel and pomegranate seeds


Banana Rum Crumble:

Banana, rum caramel and oat crumble, chantilly

Passionate about cooking for years now, I enjoy discovering new products, new flavors, and experimenting with new recipes inspired by my travels, my reading and my everyday desires.

Cooking is my first source of personal fulfillment and enrichment. This is why after 5 years working in a big company, I decided to start my re-training in order to discover the world of restaurant cuisine.

I love to instinctively cook while paying close attention to finding out-of-the-ordinary associations. I compose with fresh and seasonal products, trying to get the most out of them.

The menu, which I offer you, with great joy, is vegetarian. This cuisine is rich in flavors , delicious and I'm excited to share it with you!



Beetroot carpaccio, apples and fennel seasoned in olive oil, raspberry vinegar, and rose water, topped with scandanavian bread.


Braised endives in a clementine juice, carrot puree prepared with smoked paprika, dried apricots , walnuts and fresh clementine slices. (only in the evenings)


Main Course

Celery root raviolies filled with leeks and mushrooms, parmesean sauce ... and kiwi!



Butternut squash in serveral forms for dessert: panna cotta, sirup,  and cake with a hazelut praline, and poached pear.

Lunch Menus

20 € 

starter + main or

main + dessert


starter + main

+  dessert 


Dinner Menu


2 x Starters

+ main

+  dessert + cafe

My ancestors immigrated from France to North America in the 1700s before ultimately settling in the Canadian Prairies in the 1900s. Canadian cuisine is heavily influenced by this history of immigration as well as the subsequent colonization of the land’s indigenous population.

Temperatures in the Prairies often drop below minus 40, so understandably food is life, it's warmth, and it was often the only comfort in a time where comfort was rare. It’s a moment to tell stories, to share, to gossip and to forget the hardships of daily life.

The thesis of my menu revolves around food's ability to unite and heal. The majority of dishes I’m presenting are those of my paternal Grandmother, Mae Boisvert (born Hunter) who died before I was born. She was of Scottish origins, protestant turned Catholic; a woman who probably wouldn’t have understood or accepted my lifestyle. 

I learned these recipes––recipes free of trauma or judgment––from my uncle in her kitchen with her utensils.


And it allowed me to feel loved by her.


And so it’s with joy I am able to share this love, and this love of food, with you.



Salmon gravlax (Ocean safe / wild):

Cured with sea salt and sumac, served with pickled blueberries and Sandra’s bannock (fried bread) (evening only)


Ludo’s Butternut squash soup, drizzled with sweet maple oil and spicy seeds (vegetarian)


Main Course

Mae’s spiced tourtière (organic, free-range beef and deer) accompanied with her homemade mustard; served with latticed beet salad, braised leek, caramelized shallot, and wild rice pilaf.





Uncle Bubble’s sticky date pudding served with toffee rum sauce and homemade vanilla ice-cream.