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Future chef selection process


     Our concept was created around the ideas of sharing and discovery through menus that come from around the world. The menu that you propose (starter, main, dessert) should be inspired from a country or region. We favor diversity and the menus will change every month.

The selection process :

  1. Create a menu inspired by a country or region that respects the engagements of “For the Love of Food” as well as meeting the gross margin target.

  2. Fill out the application below on this webpage.

  3. Each application will be reviewed and a primary selection made based on your submission.

  4. Selected candidates will be asked to prepare their menu for 4 food industry professionals (of course we pick up the bill for the ingredients.)

  5. The best noted chefs from that trial session will be invited to be part of For the Love of Food The chosen chefs' profiles and menus will be promoted and showcased on our website, as well as Instagram, Facebook pages of numerous journalists and bloggers, have been published  and continue to be published media like Le Monde, Le bonbon, Les Echos, Marie Claire to name a few.

Who we're looking for


       We are looking for culinary talents that are passionate about cooking, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are thinking of starting their own restaurant.  These are the key ingredients for becoming a chef at For the Love of Food.

    We provide a free showcase in the heart of Paris Marais district, and will create the perfect conditions for you to show off your culinary talents to a public passionate about food. We'll pay for and help source the ingredients you have chosen ensuring they respect the For the Love of Food promises. 

      Our clients will evaluate you each time they come to For the Love of Food. Based on their evaluations the three best chefs will win prizes; up to 8,000 Euros. In addition to the best chef competition, based on the success of the business,  all the chefs will share in the gross profit of the business.

       The flipside of all this is that you will be volunteering your time at For the Love of Food. 

        The kitchens are open and function independently from one another. You’ll be provided with dishwasher as well as a Host(esse) and other management to assist with the overall operations. 

Your commitment


3 Days a week 

x 4 weeks

(Thursday, Friday, Saturday;

or Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Max. 12 Menus per Service

x 4 per day


19-22€ ttc 

 starter and main ;

or main and dessert

22-25€ ttc

starter, main, and




36€ ttc

2 starters, main,

dessert and



20€ ttc 

 entrée et plat ;

ou plat et dessert

24€ ttc

entrée, plat et


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