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world tour without the jet lag!

For the Love of Food presents its third team of chefs who will take you to 3 continents: Asia, Latin America and Europe.

This month For the Love of Food celebrates UNESCO's choice of Mexican cuisine as an intangible human heritage (one of the 3 types of cuisine recognized by UNESCO)

We continue to highlight the importance of women chefs and this month Amarja takes us on an modern visit of Indian cuisine. 



Passage en inde

Carlos moreno

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After 10 years working in marketing in higher education, I started the path of my first passion: food. After training at the culinary school Alain Ducasse and Lenotre, I started looking for my own kitchen. Being Indian, I knew how to use spices and combine them to create surprising combinations, but my eureka moment happened after a year-long break due to a serious illness.

After traveling to more than 40 countries, I take inspiration from every place I go.


Supermarkets and local farmers markets are my inspirational museums. I am proud to be thorough and attentive. And the most important part for me is to adopt a zero waste attitude for my food.


I like cooking vegetarian dishes and trying to use the whole vegetable at its maximum capacity, for example: skins for fries or seeds for croquettes.


I left my homeland, Mexico, 15 years ago to continue my marketing studies in France, a country that I love for its culture and gastronomy.


A passion that goes back to childhood; I took my first steps of cooking with my nanny, then it is my grandmother who passed on to me her recipes, her very special know-how and her "sazón" (taste).


As a French gastronomy lover, when cooking I remember my Mexican roots and its cusine, classified by UNESCO as an intangible heritage but often unrecognized or misinterpreted.


My cooking is a reflection of my career: authentic using my family dishes that I reinterpret, refine and renew in order to bring them to the table in France.


Simple ingredients and flavors that I have found from many places that I want to share with a Parisian public fond of new discoveries.


To comer!

It was so well received (almost 40% of the cutlery reserved) we will do mystery menus for a second time but it will be even more mysterious because we will change the mystery menu every week!


Are you part of our community of gastronomically curious? 


Every month For the Love of Food surprises you with 3 new chefs and three new menus.


This month we have decided to keep one of the menus secret until the last moment.  It isn't guarnteed to be vegetarian so make sure to choose the Atlas Mountains menu if you are vegetarian. 


So have we got you even more curious? Then take your chances and try our mystery menu.


Sorry always the same story here no information. (in the evening only)

It's even more complex this time because it's going to change every week.


We prefer to spend our time in the kitchen than to change the website every week.


You will not be disappointed. These are well tested chefs!


Cubes of sweet potato, with skin chips, local goats cheese and a cilantro chutney.

Romanesco Cauliflower Tikka glazed with pomegranate on a bed of creamy polenta, fresh pomegranate seeds, dates and tamarind chutney

Main course

Chicken or jackfruit sukka with Tellicherry pepper
Marinated chicken or jackfruit (vegetarian option) in indian coastal spices, coconut squash puree, with crumble with squash and tamarind skin.

Tartlet with persimmon and clementines in a dark chocolate crust


Aguachile of sea bream

(only in the evening)
Fish tartar, cucumber water, lemon and herbs, slightly raised with green pepper.


Tamal of frijol, watercress and salsa roja
Steamed black beans and corn on a mirror of red sauce, watercress, onion pickles and cream cheese.


Pipian Yucateco of vegetables or shrimps
Mix of vegetables served on a sauce Pipian carrots, aubergines, leeks, salicornes and pickles


Churros with sugar and chili pepper, and roasted cocoa beans accompanied by a cocoa sorbet

Lunch Menus

20 € 

starter + main or

main + dessert


starter + main

+  dessert 


Dinner Menu


2 x Starters

+ main

+  dessert + cafe