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Discover our 3 monthly chefs and their menus. You will also have priority over reservations, and information about our initiatives and news.

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Restaurant - Incubator for budding chefs and the gastronomically curious


Round trip

Paris - Antananarivo,

Madagascar - Paris

March 6 - March 29, 2020



Impossible to decide if you prefer to dive in the southern hemisphere nearly 9000 kilometers from your home or simply stay in cocooning in Paris hemisphere north?

Well, at For the Love of Food, you can visit both in March!

From March 7, our 3 new chefs will show you how pleasant it can be to stay in Paris while tasting local cuisine from Madagascar ...


Aina Ramadison

Malagasy Chef

Adèle Simphal

french chef

Eldar Kabiri

french chef 


Make her passion her job !!! In 2016, she wanted to give meaning to her life! His passion was essential, for sharing, for reaching out to others, for bringing humanity and bringing joy! She dreams of helping others through her Cooking which is a common language. His attraction for French gastronomy, enabled him to meet beautiful people and discover beautiful establishments. Event caterer and Chef at home, she represents Madagascar every year at international events such as the International Gastronomy Village.

She is part of the Meet My Mama Collective, "Mums cook the world" Practical Hachette Edition. Very attentive to respecting others and the environment, her culinary vision is based on sharing, curiosity, the transmission of know-how, respect for products, and generosity. It invites you to travel by revisiting traditional dishes with a touch of madness and exoticism while highlighting seasonal products.

Eldar Kabiri decided to quit engineering the day he discovered French pastry. He studied at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Ferrandi before going to work in the stared restaurant DOM with chef Alex Atala, in Brazil, then he worked in Belgium, Spain, Poland as a private chef and in France, where he worked in bistronomique restaurants before working at the prestigious hotel Lutetia. Eldar has a researcher soul, he loves to ask people what they like to eat. His cooking is a mirror of our gourmet desires since he is looking after our pleasure and smile. What is your favorite dish? 

Daughter of a farmer, born in Champagne, in the Aube, I developed a love for the products of the land.


The last of a family of six, I've always been used to helping out! Cooking with my brothers and sisters for the big Sunday meals was part of our rituals.


When I decided to stop studying for cinema, I had more time

free: between two shoots, I was going to train in schools, especially at Ferrandi. Cooking has become my second passion! Today, I want to share it! Make you taste, exchange, have your feedback on my inspirations. My cuisine is a story of transmission and origins: father and mother, Dawn and the Opal Coast. Gourmet and sophisticated "chameleon" cuisine ... like the king product of my menu: the potato! Madeleine from my childhood!


Aubergine rougail gratin with Comté and Parmesan cheese and Malagasy sausage crumble

Mango tartare with scallop pomegranate with a hint of truffle oil (evening only)




Dish Balotines land and sea Pan-fried vegetables with Naiouli honey from Madagascar and rougail sauce Red rice from Madagascar and its quenelle of bambara peas




Dessert Honey fluted kobandraviny madagascar litchis



Butternut cream soup with forest mushrooms, and wild garlic oil.

Beet carpaccio with beet puree and saffron aioli sauce

(evening only)




Sea ​​bass fillet, glazed seasonal vegetables

with carrot and orange emulsion





Apple 36h:

all apple textures: vanilla apple gel then sautéed apples with crisp apple peels and vanilla sponge cake


 Bouchot mussels

Celery and Granny Smith remoulade, watercress juice, coriander & lime zest



Crispy soft-boiled egg

Rosemary potato espuma,

bacon powder, toasted hazelnuts

(evening only)

Main Course

St. Jaques nuts

Lemon apple & parsnip mousseline trout egg cream infused with haddock




"Choco mousse" pie

Praline whipped cream, walnuts

caramelized pecan


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€ 38

Starter +


+ main course

+ dessert

+ coffee



20 €

starter + main course or

main course + dessert


€ 24

Starter + main course

+ dessert